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Are you sick and tired of carrying around that extra weight that is dragging you down physically, emotionally and even mentally?   Are you tired of the difficulties those extra pounds force you to deal with everyday? Would you like to regain the shape, energy and vitality of your youth?  If so, read on.

Rich Kay has been where many of you are and have been.  At 277 pounds and just under six feet, he was more than 75 pounds over his ideal weight.  He had difficulties bending over to tie his shoes, getting out of bed in the morning and even going to the bathroom.  He had countless medical issues from a fatty liver to being a borderline diabetic to name a few.  Rich had enough.  He made a decision to win the battle of the bulge. 

Within six months, his mission was accomplished, weighing in at 198 pounds losing well over 75 pounds! 

He also eliminated all the medical issues which were bringing him towards an early grave - no more fatty liver, no more cholesterol medications, no longer a borderline diabetic to name a few. Now his mission is to help others win their battle of the bulge and improve their quality of life. 

In his book, Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management Rich Kay shares a series of dozens of Small Simple Changes he took over his 24-week journey to accomplish his goal.  No fad diet, no starving yourself, no 2-hour gym workouts. 

Read, see and hear his story for yourself and learn how to follow his successful method of shedding those unwanted pounds and keeping them off through his Small Simple Changes!  Order the Book, DVD or CD today and begin your journey to Win the Battle of the Bulge once and for all!

Ask Rich about his availability to speak to your Church, Business or Organization to energize your team.
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