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Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management Rich Kay

Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management

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 Are you sick and tired of carrying around that extra weight that is dragging you down physically, emotionally and even mentally?   Are you tired of the difficulties those extra pounds force you to deal with everyday? Would you like to regain the shape, energy and vitality of your youth?   If so, read on.  

Individualized Plans


We will work with you to create a custom program that will meet your specific needs and goals. Using the F-U-N approach, Fitness, yoU and Nutrition, we will identify actions and empower you to move forward on your journey to success.  Finally discover how to lose weight sensibly. 

Meal Planning Guidance


Meal prepping is important for most people due to the fast lifestyles we have. Having healthy delicious meals ready to go can benefit your weight loss plan. We will introduce you to delicious food and show you ways that you can include your favorite foods into a healthy eating approach.