Small Simple Changes

Professional Coaching and Event Speaking Services

Professional Coaching and Event Speaking Services

Professional Coaching and Event Speaking ServicesProfessional Coaching and Event Speaking ServicesProfessional Coaching and Event Speaking Services

What people are saying about Rich Kay and his Small Simple Changes

What are people saying about Rich's Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management?


"Rich Kay's small simple changes gave me the confidence and self esteem to complete my lifetime dream and goal of doing a 5k. I started with 5 minutes of exercise a week, and felt so empowered and then I was able to do 10 then 15 and last June I did my 1st 5k! Small and steady wins the race I always say!!!" 

   Gail Mates
   National Spokeswoman American Heart Association Go Red For Women

"Rich Kay is one of the most credible people around to give fundamental words of wisdom on how to beat obesity because he has--with Small Simple Changes! Hear him speak and read his book. He motivated himself and can motivate you, too!" 

Dr. Elizabeth Berbano, MD MPH Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine,
Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, 
American Council on Exercise 

“Rich Kay is the real thing with proven keys to success.  His Small Simple Changes techniques have changed lives for the better.  We have served together to attack the national problem of obesity.  Rich has been a key part of our Church’s as well as many others churches nationally in the Losing to Live/Bod4God Program where people have lost over 4,000 pounds using his Small Simple Changes techniques as a part of our program.  Rich Kay is one of the most positive and entertaining speakers on weight loss, eating habits and weight management. He is clearly on a mission to change lives for the better."   

 Pastor Steve Reynolds The Anti-Fat Pastor – as seen on Fox News, Author of ”Bod4God, 
Four Keys to a Better Body”

“Rich Kay has made it possible to take a simple approach to a very complex problem of not only losing weight but keeping it off possible for me. I have had a weight problem for years – single mom with three kids over 200 lbs go from a size 22 to a size 2. Yes I said “2” . So, for all the ladies that have tried all the programs and pills this will work for you and it will help you mold your new life style into a healthy new you. I was one of those people who had about 5 different size clothes in my closet the ups and downs are gone forever thanks to his guidance and support. Rich has a way of breaking it down to “small simple changes” that truly work. I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. If you don’t like to look in the mirror – this program is for you. I now can look in the mirror and like what I see. It takes time, and he opens your eyes to see the real GOD given you. His positive attitude and inspirational speaking is out of this world, he is the real deal – he did it and can help you reach your dream you. It’s almost been three years doing “small simple changes” and I’m still going strong.  Thanks Rich, for all you do to help others!”

 Trish McMaugh, Zoning Consultant, Chantilly, VA

“Wow!  Rich’s strategies to improve your eating habits, fitness and general positive outlook on life are easy and highly effective.  Your organization will greatly benefit from personally hearing his humor and inspirational message.  His book is a must read for you if you have tried everything to lose weight and keep it off.   Rich changes lives.“ 

  James Malinchak, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the COLLEGE Soul, Co-Author, 
Chicken Soup for the ATHLETE'S Soul, 2008-2009 GKIC Marketer of the Year 

“You most certainly energized and inspired our multi-culture and highly diverse group.  Your Small Simple Changes approach to improving your health was well received by all.  Your ability to interact and relate to our diverse staff was much appreciated.  You took the important topic of improving our health and made it fun and memorable to apply to our lives.  You were entertaining, upbeat and thought-provoking as you delivered useful information which the group will benefit from for years to come.  We would recommend you to speak to as many other groups as possible to get the word out about how Small Simple Changes can positively change people’s lives.    Thank you for sharing your personal experience as well as some life long tips to carry with us.”   

  Lynn Rountree, Director of Human Resources The Virginian