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Hi, I am Rich Kay.  I have been where many of you are and have been.  At 277 pounds and just under six feet, I was more than 100 pounds over my ideal weight.  

I had difficulties bending over to tie my shoes, getting out of bed in the morning and even going to the bathroom.  I had countless medical issues from a fatty liver to being a borderline diabetic to name a few.  

I had enough.  I made a decision to win the battle of the bulge.   I discovered how to lose weight sensibly.  Within six months, my initial goal was accomplished, losing over 75 pounds by my birthday!  It did not stop there. The weight kept coming off until I lost over 100 pounds through small simple changes. 

I also eliminated all the medical issues which were bringing me towards an early grave - no more fatty liver, no more cholesterol medications, no longer a borderline diabetic to name a few. 

Now my mission is to help others win their battle of the bulge and improve their quality of life.   In my book, Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management , I share dozens of Small Simple Changes I took over my 24-week journey to accomplish my goal.  No fad diet, no starving yourself, no 2-hour gym workouts.  

Learn how to follow a successful method of shedding those unwanted pounds and keeping them off through Small Simple Changes!  

Order the book ( here or on Amazon) today and begin your journey to Win the Battle of the Bulge once and for all! 

Keep moving and keep smiling, 

Rich Kay


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